Usually somewhere between hanging out and hanging on 

I recently ping-ponged my way back to California, trading the New York skyline for the golden coast.


I'm on a perpetual quest to make sure my work doesn't define me which means my best stories and proudest accomplishments are my life experiences, not my work experiences. That being said I’m fortunate to identify as strategist and have gotten to work on amazing brands with accomplished people at phenomenal places.


I’m even more fortunate to have discovered that being a strategist means I get to do more of the things I love to become a better problem solver. The more I read, the more I am challenged, the more I volunteer, and the more of the world I see, the more dots I have to connect when I come to work. The things I do outside of my 9-5 (whatever that means) give me perspective and a voice to question the status quo and the ability to approach things with just the right amount of skepticism.


10 years from now I hope to have lived up to Ben Franklin's quote by writing something worth reading or by doing something worth writing about.