Usually somewhere between hanging out and hanging on 

I currently live in San Francisco but am lucky enough to have called different parts of the world home throughout my life. A part of home will always be with family and friends which currently means in New York, Philly, Dallas, and Wisconsin. 


I’ve spent all of my professional life in advertising and most of it wondering whether I’m using my powers for good or evil. I’ve become acutely aware of how people identify themselves and find it disheartening that we often use the work we do (career, job, profession) as the foundation of our introductions and a proxy for our identities.


So, who am I? I am a daughter, sister, masi, friend, runner, budding minimalist, baker, shy writer, student, plant parent, hiker, empath, and on occasion a little bit clairvoyant..

I’m working on being more vulnerable with my writing and learning to ignore my inner critique that questions me: What's the point? Do you think people care what you have to say? Often what I write doesn’t feel like it’s worth publishing but I’m realizing that its worth comes from the time I spend processing what’s on my mind and putting it into words. 


More recently I’ve been appreciating the magnitude of the miniscule choices we make. Swapping out extraordinary moments for extra ordinary ones and appreciating that profound experiences might be overrated. For me this means more long walks, more time baking cakes, more spontaneous FaceTimes, more books on my nightstand, and more time in virtual classrooms just for fun. 


All that to say this CTA by Ben Franklin to write something worth reading or do something worth writing about still resonates with me 🤷🏽‍♀️

Professionally, I identify as a researcher with brand strategy experience on the agency side, a stint at a creative tech start up, and now on the brand side at Apple. Here’s the paper version if you’re into that. 


I spend my time understanding people and the choices they make in order to better influence them — basically the Earth version of Jedi mind control. Ultimately, I’d love to work as a decision architect building experiences that bring people closer to the planet, each other, and ultimately themselves.

In an alternate universe I imagine I'd be using my empathetic powers and clairvoyance as a therapist.