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hello hi 👋🏽

What brings you here? While I have your attention we might as well get into it.


Where I am📍

I’ve been ping ponging from the left and right coast for 10+ years and have gotten to call many different places home, for this I’m so lucky. In 2018 I triumphantly declared I was done with New York City and traded the city skyline for the San Francisco coastline. Three years and a little bit of whiplash later I’m baaaack and I get to call NYC home again.


It’s hard to say which I prefer because both coasts nurture different parts of me that I’ve learned to deeply love. On the left coast I never said no to outside adventures nor did I tire of watching the sky change color. I rekindled decade old friendships that I get to call my chosen family and discovered new ones that helped me dream up futures that I never thought could be mine. On the right coast I feel moved to write and create more and have learned to find peace amidst chaos. In this second venture of NYC I hope to build practices to tap into my creativity and find courage to experiment more.


I sense a bicoastal life in my future.


What I do 💻

I identify as many things including but not limited to: a daughter, sister, masi, friend, martial artist, recovering runner, budding minimalist, nervous writer, curious artist, life-long learner, plant parent, ice cream connoisseur, outdoor enthusiast, scuba diver, an empath, and on occasion a little bit clairvoyant.

Professionally, I’m a researcher and brand strategist with experience on the advertising agency side now working in tech. I spend my time understanding people and the choices they make in order to better influence them — basically the Earth version of Jedi mind control. Ultimately I’d love to work as a decision architect building experiences that bring people closer to the planet, each other, and hopefully themselves. Here’s the paper version if you’re into that.


In an alternate universe I imagine I’d be using my clairvoyance as a therapist, still helping people find ways to be closer to the planet, each other, and themselves. 

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