RAQs: Rarely Asked Questions 

Questions we don’t ask each other but I really wish we did so we can have meaningful conversations around who we are and blaze past “what do you do” small talk.

What’s something people get wrong about you?

This could be a very long list but the first thing that came to mind was people are always surprised when I say that I’m a crier. For some reason even my close friends have been caught off guard by unexpected tears. I’ll cry at almost every feeling I’m deeply feeling except sadness. I’ve angry cried, stress cried, happy cried, ugly cried, proud cried, silent cried, snot cried, you name it and I’ve probably done it. I’ll even cry on behalf of other people. When I was younger I remember making fun of mom for crying while watching Mighty Joe Young. I watched it a few months ago and my eyes kept leaking...no one was cutting onions.

What’re two seemingly contradictory ideas you juggle?

For as long as I can remember I’ve proudly called myself independent and held it as a badge of honor. What I thought was a reflection of my self-sufficiency is really just a reflection of how modern society villainizes dependence and fetishizes independence in ways that are unnatural and unhealthy. I’m drawn to the idea of community living and its role in our overall well-being. I'd love help find a solution for us to collectively reconcile the two both in theory and practice by unromanticizing the former (independence) and destigmatizing the latter (community dependence).

What’s your least popular opinion and why?

The point of this section is to hopefully make the internet and this site more of a two way street. Which means I share and then you share. This is my favorite question and my answer is a hot take (maybe lukewarm for some people). If you're curious and willing to share your own answer, drop me a line and let's chat 🍵 

More questions I have for you: 

  • What's your favorite place?

  • What're you overthinking these days?

  • What's one thing you do for yourself everyday?